La Rotieerie du Coin Forest Hills, NY has been in the press, and these are jsut some of what is being written about us.

Eater reviews

La Rotisserie makes it onto Eater’s “Hottest Restaurants in Queens Right Now, February 2020. Argentinean grilled meats, Chinese halal food, and French-style skewered chicken all join the list”. We’re on the list here.

“Forest Hills residents can now enjoy a taste of France in their neighborhood” says Maddison Farris of the Queesns  Courier Magazine. “The new restaurant offers authentic French cusine in Forest Hills.” Read more.

Queens Courier
MSN News

“La Rotisserie Du Coin is the brainchild of French couple Jimmy and Sonia Arouche, who were homesick for the traditional rotisserie chicken they had in France — smothered with butter and spices, then cooked for an hour on a turning spit until the bird’s skin turns crispy and golden-brown”. Read more

“A new French-inspired, rotisserie-focused restaurant has officially opened its doors for business. La Rotisserie Du Coin, located at 107-10 71st Road in Forest Hills, began serving its traditional French dishes on Jan. 24. The restaurant will host an official grand opening celebration on Feb. 14.”

Forest Hills Post new openings
New York Times

“This casual counter-service bistro with vintage décor serves rotisserie chickens with traditional sides like ratatouille and French fries. Crepes, soups, salads and desserts are also offered.”

“A laid-back French bistro is skewering chickens, slathering them in butter, and serving them rotisserie-style in Forest Hills. This vintage, counter-service spot, dubbed La Rotisserie du Coinserves sides like ratatouille and French fries in addition to crepes, soups, salads, and desserts. 107-10 71st Road, at Austin Street

Eater reviews
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