About Us

Our Concept
It's a taste adventure!

Welcome to La Rotisserie!

We are a traditional French bistro with a focus on rotisserie chicken. We adhere to controlled “egg to plate” concept; our chickens are all natural, free-range, and hormone free. We also offer sandwiches, salads, vegetables, and classic French soups, and desserts.

All of our dishes are available for fast eat in, take out, or  delivery.

We provide catering as well!

Attention to detail: Sonia even took a trip to Pennsylvania where she hand-selected the wood used to design the restaurant. With the guidance from the craftsman, Sonia picked the 125-year-old Spruce Tree. The wood from the Spruce Tree was used to make the solid hardwood which is featured at the tables, bar tops, and benches throughout the restaurant.  

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  • I showed up for the soft opening, and the food was awesome, really good!
  • I had Chicken, string beans, and french fries. Excellent.
  • I didn't know what it was, but it was a treat.
  • A perfect addition to the neighborhood!
The Tradition
How it’s done…

Roasting French Style!

The rotisserie is a traditional French method of roasting meat, which is very popular in France and part of the culinary tradition.

The chicken is skewered and smothered with butter and a mix of spices, and then cooked on a turning spit. This results in a succulent, tasty, tender chicken that’s crispy golden brown!

France has  rotisserie shops in just about every city and village. La Rotisserie du Coin now brings a little bit of France to Forest Hills, NY!

Our Team
are simply amazing



Food consultant
An Oustanding Experience

We’re passionate about cooking French cuisine. But what good is making something great without being able to share it? Hence La Rotisserie du Coin in Forest Hills, NY.  We invite you to be taken away to France; close your eyes, taste, and you’re in a Parisian bistro.

  • See our reviews
  • Natural ingredients
  • Finest wine list
  • Friendliest staff
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